Rules of the Road

Dog Walking Policies For Little Adventures Dogs

Office Hours

Our office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We check our messages throughout the day and will make every effort to return your call, text or email that day or the next depending on the time of the message. If you send or leave a message after 5:00pm on Friday, we will get back to you the following Monday.

Dog Walking Schedule

The dogs will run, play, sniff and explore for a full hour at Fort Funston OR other GGNRA land OR SF City Park. Your dog will be out of the house for 2-3 hours total.

Age, Spay/Neuter and Behavior Requirements

Your dog must be at least 6 months old to join our adventure groups. Dogs must be spayed or neutered. We reserve the right to refer you to another service if your dog’s play style does not fit with the group, or if behavioral issues develop that prevent your dog from getting the most from the experience.

If your dog’s behavior becomes problematic, we’ll notify you of the issue and discuss how you can best work with your dog. If we determine it’s not in your dog’s best interest to remain in our program, don’t worry! We have an extensive referral list of walkers and trainers, and will help you find a suitable option for your dog.

Health Requirements

Before your dog’s first day, your pup must show no symptoms of possible illness. If your dog exhibits any symptoms (discharge from the eyes or nose, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, or diarrhea) s/he will immediately be taken out to potty, and we will call to notify you your dog can’t join the group until cleared by a vet or s/he is symptom-free for a minimum of 48 hours. For full details we can send you our Sick Policies form and Wellness Checklist.

Vaccination Requirements

  • Your dog must be current on his/her yearly DHPP and Rabies vaccines.

  • We require a year-round flea and tick preventative and also highly recommend a heartworm preventative.

Scheduling, Attendance and Cancellations

Little Adventures Dog Walks applies its best practices methodology for you and your dog’s benefit every day. In order for us to provide the valuable amenities you’re looking for, we ask that you commit to Little Adventures Dog Walks on an ongoing basis.

We require a 3-day-per-week minimum attendance and that dogs on a variable schedule choose a consistent variable schedule, e.g., every M/W/F or M/T/Th/F. We will assume your dog is joining our adventure group on an on-going basis unless otherwise notified. In order to guarantee and reserve a spot for your dog in our small, selective groups, we maintain a No Cancellation Policy. We do not refund for routine cancellations or vacations. If you do need to cancel a walk, 24-hour notice is greatly appreciated. Exceptions may apply based on individual situations in case of injury or illness.

Severe Weather

For safety reasons, we may have to cancel our daily walk in case of severe weather. If there is normal rainfall, we will still go out on our adventure. We will notify you of any such cancellations as early as we possibly can.

Little Adventures Dog Walks is CLOSED on the following dates:

Tu-Fri, Jan 1-4 New Year's
Mon & Tu, Feb 18 & 19 - President’s Day
Mon, May 27 - Memorial Day
Th & Fri, July 4 & 5 - Independence Day
Mon, Sep 2 - Labor Day
Th & Fri, Nov 28 & 29 - Thanksgiving 

Mon, Dec 23, 2019 – Fri, Jan 3, 2020